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3109 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


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Not many people know this, but in 1942, Louisiana was in shambles. The entire state was in chaos. Women wanted answers. Men wanted results. Nobody thought we’d make it out of the decade alive. And then, seemingly from nowhere, one man rose from the turmoil and climbed to power with nothing but a secret message he used to rally a hopeful resistance into action. On the day that changed everything, this great leader gathered the town at a secret location and spoke the words that would unite a community. He got down on his knees, and as the town pushed in to hear his words, he whispered his secret: “This whole story is completely made up, but our doors are open and we have a rooftop bar…”


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3109 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

80…. just after the weight station near Cordelia (i think) will be an exit for 14… Sonoma and Napa…. take it….. follow it all the way thru….. till you end up in fairfield…there is a signal next to… a Beer joint i think it is…. i don’t know… but you merge to the right which turns into a lil 2 lane freeway dealy…. go thru the signal… go over the bridge thing…. then when you get to the next signal…. make a left to go to death valley…. you’ll be on Carneros Hwy…. then you will come to a sort of dead end with a blinking red light…. turn right…. the road will give you a choice to go straight or veer right….. VEER RIGHT. Stay on this road till you see a buncha power stuff… ya know, those big metal thingamajigs…. there will be a stop sign… you can either go straight or turn right on Lincoln …well…turn right…. follow that to the end…. its kinda a long way…. you will hit old bluewood hwy…. turn right on old bluewood….. follow it down… past Bumsteers (a bar that will show up on the right)… NVM JUST CLICK BELOW!

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